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Members and Officers of Luray Fire Department Inc.

Executive Officers

President – Steve Campbell*

Vice President – Dale Strickler*

Secretary – Christopher Molina

Assistant Secretary – Dwayne Hassett*

Treasurer – Timmy Lansberry*

Firefighting Officers

Chief – Mark Lancaster*

Assistant Chief – Scott Hilliard*

Captain – Chad Breeden*

1st Lieutenant – Ryan Gaunt

2nd Lieutenant – Derek Gaunt*

2nd Lieutenant – Bryan Greer

2nd Lieutenant – Beahm, Reed*

Senior Members

Anderson, G.R.

Armstrong, Wally*

Atwood, John

Beahm, Robbie

Bell, Terry

Blosser, Samuel

Bly, Robbie

Breeden, Corey

Breeden, Eric

Breeden, F.R.*

Campbell, Clay*

Campbell, Hayden

Campbell, Isaac

Carroll, Charles*

Carroll, Ryan

Carter, Eddie*

Cave, Steve A.

Cave, Steve F.*

Clark, Damian

Clark, Lonnie

Comer, Paul*

Dallas, Robert

Donak, Dennis

Foster, Roy

Gladwell, Guy*

Garland Gochenour* - Chaplain

Good, Phil

Graves, Daniel

Griffith, Keith*

Griffith, Tony

Griffith, Wayne*

Hassett, Timothy

Horn, Tyler

Jenkins, Ben

Jenkins, Sonny*

Kimmel, Dennis

Lancaster, Leroy*

Lancaster, Matthew

Lancaster, Putt*

Long, J.C.

Marston, Brandon

Marston, David*

Meadows, Chris*

Miller, Andrew

Nealis, David

Painter, J.D.*

Pettit, Jason A.

Pettit, Ryan

Price, David*

Racer, Ian

Sedwick, David*

Smith, Bobby*

Snyder, Miles

Speaks, Caden

Stewart, Gene*

Stewart, Jack

Thompson, Steve

Tobin, Gerald*

Williams, Timmy*

Wilson, Mike

Wood, Josh*

Zirkle, Tim*

Probationary Members

Keyser, Logan

Junior Members

None at this time

An asterisk (*) indicates that the member has been voted in as a Life Member of the department.

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